Scratching board

I have a scratching board that I love to rub me on, my dad bought it for me when he got tired of me scratching on all the furnitures, so all the paint went away! 😉

Scratching board

Can be purchased in almost every pet store.

Hooves trimmer

When I get to long hooves they must be cut down, just as human nails.

My owner use something that is called a hooves trimmer, that he cuts them with and that is not always funny, since I sometimes want to do other things like digging in blankets or quilts instead, so I don’t always have time to lay still for a long period of time.

I usually lie calmly on my back on my dads lap while he is cutting them, but sometimes I think he uses to much time, so I kick him and run away, so we just have to continue a another time then! 😉

Hoof trimmer

Food and water bowls.

I have a heavy water bowl, but my dad think it could be even heavier, since I sometimes push it around and spills a lot of water, sometimes I even turn it around, so all the water comes on the floor instead! 😉

My food bowl is much lighter, so I move it around all the time. I don’t like eating from food bowls, so I usually take all the food out and lay it on the floor instead when my dad not is watching me.

Tour equipment

I have my own harness that my dad has sewn to me, which works very nice.

Normal harnesses for dogs don’t fit me and make blisters on my body, and I usually go out of them too – collars can not be used either, since my neck is almost as thick as my head!


I have a solid leash that I use when I are at places where it is many people and or cars, and so on.


I use a scarf and a whole covering jacket when it is cold outside, what I use depends on how cold it is.

A former college of my dad have made the scarf, while my dad has sewn the jacket. 🙂


I use sunglasses when it is very sharp sun, since my eyes gets very quickly irritated.


This are really made for dogs, but they fit me too and I can easily take them of by myself, if I don’t want to wear them anymore. 🙂


Sunglasses can be purchased in pet stores, this are called Doggles.

I have to use sunscreen when it is strong sun outside, so I don’t get sunburned, I love to put on sunscreen because it smells so good ! 😀


This is not the same type that I do use, but I think it that one would work as well! 🙂