I need a variety of food and usually eat what I get, I do also need food containing fiber, below is a overview of food that I like to eat. 🙂

  • Pellets for pigs (Felleskjøpet Format Vekst 110) – This is one of the best that I know about, and is also very important for me as it contains proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, etc. that I need!

My owner also uses this as treats in addition to food and throws it over the floor / ground, so I have to look for it, something that I think is very funny! 😀

  • Apples – Fiber – I cannot eat too much of this, because it contains acid tht damages my teeth.
  • Pumpkin – Fiber
  • Melon – Fiber
  • Bananas – Fiber – With the shell still attached, but not the black thing at the end, cause that tastes terrible!
  • Pears – Fiber – I cannot eat too much of this because it contains acid that damages my teeth.
  • Chinese cabbage – Fiber
  • Iceberg lettuce – Fiber
  • Potatos – Fiber
  • Tomatoes – Fiber
  • Mango – Fiber
  • Strawberry – Fiber
  • Blueberry – Fiber – I love to pick this by myself when we are in places that this grows. 🙂
  • Raspberry – Fiber
  • Peach – Fiber
  • Cherries – Fiber
  • Grapes – Fiber
  • Mushrooms – Fiber – I’m not very fond of it, but I eat it sometimes!
  • Carrots – Fiber
  • Fish – I am very fond if this! 😀
  • Cherry – Fiber
  • Oil – I’m very fond of this, especially olive oil, this does also helps keeping my skin wet, so it don’t dry out.
  • Nuts and bird seeds – Fiber – this is also one of the best things that I know about, my dad does also use this as treats!
  • Rutabaga – Fiber – I’m very fond of this. 🙂


It should also be given 400 IU with Vitamin E daily and 150 – 300 mcg (0.15 – 0.3 mg) selenium per week.

I cannot eat onion and meal, since my stomach can be very loose if I eat this. 🙁

Many people say that pigs should have straw and hay, bit I’m not very fond of that, so I just let it be if I get it.

It is ILLEGAL to give meat and blood products from ruminants (sheep, goat, cow) to pigs, due to the risk of getting a infection of scrapie and cow disease.

It is also illegal to give food made of pigs (cannibalism).