Here I will answer some questions that my dad gets very often.

  • Can I pet/touch on her ?

Yes, you can pet/touch me, if you ..

  1. Ask my dad for permission first and he says it’s OK.
  2. Sit down and let me go to you – NOT vice versa!
  3. Let me smell on your hand before you touch me.
  4. DON’T touch my head, unless you know me very well and have been given permission to do so by my dad.
  5. DO NOT go behind me.
  6. DO NOT have sudden and / or random movements, otherwise I might get afraid.
  7. Don’t pet/touch me if a another person already are doing it.
  8. DO NOT smoke around me – this also applies to e-cigarettesextinguish the smoke / cigar BEFORE you approach me, and DO NOT have it lit behind for example your back.
  9. DO NOT have food or drink in or on your hands.

  • Can I take a picture of her ?

Yes, you can take a picture of me, but not if I’m on the toilet or if it is MANY PEOPLE around me at once, since I can be stressed by it.

  • What does she eat ?

Look at the food page.

  • Can I give her food ?

No, except if you get permission from my dad.

  • Can I go for a walk with her ?

You can go on a “walk” with me, if my dad say it is OK and he walks next to us.

  • Is she child-friendly ?

I’m used to children, but I can be scared if it is a lot of children around me and / or they get very over-enthusiastic and / or have sudden or unexpected movements.

  • Can I take care of her ?

You may maybe take care of me sometime, if you know both me and my dad very well, and I like to be around you.

  • How is it when you meet other animals ?

It goes very well and I ..
.. either stand still and let them greet me.
.. go and greet them first.
.. ignores them and go straight ahead or continue to do what I already do.

Although some dogs get very frightened and run the other way, one time when I did meet a dog, the dog got so scared that he did pull the owner out into a ditch, luckily it did go well with both the dog and the owner! 🙂

  • Can Mille be left home alone ?

Yes, I can be home alone, but only for a short period of time. When I was younger I got scared and did begin to destroy stuff, but I have almost stopped doing that now. 🙂

  • How do Mille play ? Does she play like a dog ?

Look under toys to see what type of toys I like, otherwise I like to jump and run around on for example grass and dig in the mud.

  • How much does Mille weigh ?

I weigh almost 30 kg, depending on how much I have eaten, walked and played! 🙂

  • Is she house clean ?

Yes, I’m house clean, I walk towards the door and or forth and back to my dad or other people I know, if I have to go out.

  • Do you accept gifts ? Where can I deliver / send gifts ?

Yes I do accept gifts like:

  1. Used (and new) quilts, pillows and soft wool carpets! 🙂
  2. Food and treats (look at the food page).
  3. Send me a message, if you think you have something else that I might like.


You will get a delivery address if you send me a message, and you get accepted!

  • What are her measurements ?

Here you have my ca measurements in cm. 🙂

NB: Outdated – new measurements are coming soon! 🙂

Length (with head): 80
Length (neck to body): 70
Height: 44
Stomach: 80
Around neck: 69
Between forelegs: 6
Between rear legs: 5
Foreleg to rear leg: 21
Around foreleg: 21
Around rear leg: 23
Leg lengths: 17