We are very smart, so I can start to feel bored very fast if i’m left much alone and have nothing to do.

We usually get between 30 and 50 kg heavy, I weigh about 30 kg and are about 80 long, 44 high and 70 cm around the stomach ( NB: Outdated measurements, new measurements are coming soon! 🙂 ), depending on how much I have eaten, we can be around 15 years old.

It is important for pigs to be a lot outside, so don’t get a mini pig if you think that will be difficult, it is also very important that you have a backup plan if the pig don’t want to be indoors anymore, for example a garden house where two or more pigs can live together.

I’m in rut for 5 days every month, and then I’d rather be in in motion and go out to look for a partner almost all the time, so me and my dad go on long walks then – usually about 1 mil in the woods, I’d rather go farther then he wants to.

Some sows can be very “wild” and troublesome when they are in rut, so some owners give us something that is called Improvac, that helps against this.

Boar (male pigs that not are castrated) should be castrated within they are 4 weeks old (In Norway it is illegal to castrate after 4 weeks), as they will start to smell a lot, if they not are castrated – castrated male pigs is called for barrow.

The angular teeth of boars are also growing all the time and must therefore be filed down and or cut once among.


When my owner is going on a vacation to for example abroad, I can not attend because of VERY strict rules and due to the risk of infection between animals. 🙁

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority writes the following about this on their pages about travel abroad:

Although many have mini pigs as pets, the same rules apply for entry to Norway with mini pigs as for other pigs. There are strict rules to prevent new animal diseases coming to Norway. In practice, it means that you can not take the pig a few days at the cabin in Sweden because it must have stayed in the same place in Sweden for at least 30 days before returning to Norway. After that, it must be in isolation in Norway for 2 months.

(Only available in Norwegian)

It can also be hard to find someone who will take care of me, since many people are afraid to care for animals other then dogs and cats, as they not are used to pigs, there are also several animal hotels that not accept pigs.


I have to be vaccinated once every six months – by a veterinarian who has knowledge about pigs – against something called Erysipeloid, PCV2 and Parvovirus.

Parasites and mites

I can easily get intestinal snakes (endoparasites) and I have to get a worming sometimes, which is perfectly fine.

I can also get something called scabies mite, which causes intense itching and can cause me to loose hair and get crusts on the skin, especially on my ears – fortunately, I have never had this! 🙂

Sun and heat

Something you might not know is that I don’t sweat, so I’m very sensitive against heat and therefore need access to water and or mud which I can cool me down with.

I do also get sunburned very fast, so I must wear sunscreen when it is strong sun outside, which I love to get applied to my skin, because it smells so good! 😀

I do also use sunglasses when it is very sharp sun, since my eyes gets very quickly irritated.

A little about activation and care

I can be taught almost like a dog, I can for example sit, lay down, go backwards, and so on on command.

My hoofs grow all the time, so they have to be cut down about once every other month, sometimes often! (see equipment.)

I should only be showered if i’m really dirty, otherwise my skin may get very dry, which causes my body to itch and get sore!!

I do also shed hair twice a year – in spring and autumn i order to get new hair, so it is hair everywhere on the floor in that period – it can almost look like a “black meadow” of hair some places! 😉

We usually like to be two or more pigs together, but I like to be alone. I was very scared and stressed when I was visiting two other pigs.

We should have an area that we can stay at, where we can dig, play and enjoy ourselves.

You may wonder what I like to do in order to get the pleasure of digging when I’m indoors? What I found out that is almost as fun as digging in the earth is to dig in quilts, pillows, blankets, clothes, curtains, and so on! 🙂 Quilts with a lot of feathers or fibers inside is the best thing I know about, because then I can tear it apart and make myself a big and nice nest with the contents! 😀

Some of the best things I know about is digging in the dirt and snow and exploring new areas, but when I’m out on a walk, I’d rather go on known places – but if I’m in unknown places, then that’s OK too! 🙂

A lot of pigs can be very stressed out of being in new places, but I think it is okay, since I got used to it from when I was just a few months old. 🙂

I’m also very fond of driving in a car, but that’s probably because I’ve gotten used to it since I was little!

You do also have to be very careful about who you buy a mini pig from, because there are breeders who misinform and say, among other things, that the pig will be only 10-15 kg, which is not true at all, if the pig have a healthy and good diet.